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Powerful ways to Invest in Yourself during Lockdown

I called Marleen the other day to check everything is alright with his family. I usually do not worry about my co-workers, but this is an un...

I called Marleen the other day to check everything is alright with his family. I usually do not worry about my co-workers, but this is an unprecedented time of our lives that need unlimited care and attention to our closer circle friends. When I talk to Maleen, I always feel his sparking energy and hope that drives in his veins for the last 30 years. 

Maleen story, that spark drive to survive a difficult time and invest in self-development. 

Powerful ways to Invest in Yourself during Lockdown 

Maleen was walking as a janitor at his high-school days as he needed extra money. His father uses to call him a “loser, and his father gradually addicted to alcohol turn situation even more challenging. He decided to leave school as a dropout and ended up working as an assistant at a real estate firm in Sothern California.

While fixing, and flipping real estate in Southern California and Maleen worked extra hours as a trucker assistant to move furniture. The chance encounter, that fateful weekend of working his tail off, lead to an opening that could change Marleen’s life forever.

While working, he notices old gentlemen relaxing in a far corner. when Maleen had a moment he approached him and asked “how did you turn your life around? ” 

” I did it,” he said, “by going to a seminar by a man named Jim Rohn”. “What’s a seminar,” he asked. He said “it’s a place where a man takes 10 or 20 years of his life and all he is learned and he condenses it into a few hours so that you can compress years of learning into days” He answered. 

That sounded pretty awesome for Marleen. “how much that cost? “Thirty-five dollars,” he told Maleen. What! Maleen was making 40$ a week as part-time. It was a big investment that he needed. Maleen did attend the session and ended up strategizing his life for the next 10 years. Here are the top 3 strategies Maleen adapted. 

Number one Investment of life is your skill

The highway to success is your skill to add value to others. The value can be anything related to personal or professional life. The return of your investment is synergy multiplication of value addition shared with others. 

Advance Education – This doesn’t mean to invest in an expensive degree, college education only. This means you can still take on the advancement of your skills by attending a class, online session, or even expand knowledge. 

Utilize available facilities– there are dozens of free online training and videos, education groups, google education portals

Reading – reading is a great way to expand your knowledge. There is an ample number of books related to any topic. Start reading books, journal articles, blog posts, newspapers, and magazines. 

Number two is your creativity 

Most of us trapped in our graveyard not opening potential creativity skills. This is because personally and professionally we do not seek to view problems and solutions from a different creative perspective. There is a high potential that we can unearth far better and sustainable solutions via uncapping creativity. This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert as a painter or carpenter but trying to open new things. 

Learn how to play an instrument – Music is a great way to relax and open your creative skills. There is scientific evidence that proves learning to play a musical instrument is good for health as well. 

– Write something –a book, short stories, poetry, anything.

– Learn cooking – Start enjoying cooking differently, follow a new cookbook, or share your cooking with friends. 

– Artwork – paint, sculpt, make pottery, make jewelry, or design your clothes.

Cutting high-grade titanium alloy

Expand the capacity of your mind and body 

Your mind and body are the sources of your energy, success, strength, and power. 


It’s very important that using downtime to Invest in yourself to makes changes in your life. Invest in your well-being from mind-physical balance to improve your well-being. This can further help you to expand your ability to thrive and perform beyond expectations. Your future depended on your willingness and ability to invest today.