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How to Treat Depression Naturally | Normal Depression Vs Clinical Depression|Sushant Singh

Priya is an Indian origin girl working with me for a long time. She told me this story of a young actor by the name of Sushant Singh Rajput,...

Priya is an Indian origin girl working with me for a long time. She told me this story of a young actor by the name of Sushant Singh Rajput, 34 subside on Sunday in Mumbai. Per news, Sushant is an amazingly charming, brilliant, promising young individual with a smile and lots of success as an actor.

Sushant is an unfortunate case of untreated depression taking over life of a young actor.

Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh

Depression is a silent killer

Many patients visit me every day. All cases are unique and not the same. However, there is a common set of feelings, loneliness, hopelessness experienced by almost all patients.

  • – All patient’s complaint that they feel numbness beyond the sadness and pain
  • – Feelings of “I’m not enough”, “worthless” and continues negative thought cycle
  • – Unable to emotionally engage in happy moments
  • – Doubting that ever will able to feel happiness again
  • – Total “hopelessness” and “pointlessness”
  • – Pretend that everything is fine
  • – The feeling of a psychological dark zone with no escape

Normal Depression Vs Clinical Depression

There is a significant difference between normal depression and clinical depression.

Normal depression experienced by everyone. Its natural people feel unhappy, down, less energizes, or hopeless after difficult circumstances in life. However, major depression or “clinical depression” can prevent a depressed person from doing normal activities. 

Also, major depression able to impact daily activities potentially lasting for a longer period. Sometimes more than weeks or two or more years. It is extremely important to consult a medical professional before major depression turns into life-threatening.

How to Treat Depression Naturally 

1. Set Daily Routing to get back on track

If you are depressed, it’s natural to miss your daily activities and the structure of your daily routine. One of the core steps of beating depression is to stick to the routine of your daily work. Adapting to routing hobbits can assist you to get your life back on track.

2.Set small Goals

When someone in depression, it is natural to feel that you cannot accomplish anything and feel hopeless. To avoid feeling pushback, it’s important to set achievable tasks to get rid of these hopeless feeling.

3. Get Physical Exercise

Physical activities do help immensely to bring back your optimism into the body. Physical exercise release hormone called endorphins. Releasing endorphins into the blood can bring down your depression feeling. New research confirmed that regular exercise can rewire your mind to take up positively.

4. Sleeping

Having good enough sleep allows your body to balance the hormones that cause depression feelings. A simple technique to get god sleep is playing the sound of rain or meditation music.

5. Meet your doctor

The doctor can assess your depression level and direct you to multidimensional treatment.
These treatments can be focused based on the mild, moderate, severe levels of depression and strategies to address behavioral, cognitive, physical skills to deal with depression.