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Emotionally intelligent people are the most successful people

Tim Bernad is a director of the Professional service division of a large multinational software development company based in silicon valley....

Tim Bernad is a director of the Professional service division of a large multinational software development company based in silicon valley. Vastly experienced in dealing with multi-cultural teams across APAC, EU recently shared some of his vital experience working with multiple organizations more than 10,000 people.

In his current portfolio directing more than 2500 employees to develop skills required for high-performance. Along with his team, Tim hosted an online webinar to educate the importance of emotional intelligence. This post is created based on the session conducted by Tim.

Emotionally intelligent people are the most successful people

Emotional Intelligence allow you to manage your daily activities effectively

What makes someone great at their job?

What makes someone great at their job is a question raised by many employees. having the knowledge, smartness, attitude are some of the key components. However the most successful leaders quality now recognized as emotional intelligence.

When is emotional intelligence is important?

According to a new study it was revealed that most companies are looking for emotionally intelligent candidates from the recurring process. This is starting from the point of selecting candidates, conducting interviews, and finalizing potential candidates for the job.

Also, the same report reveals that employers evaluate employee emotional intelligence when promoting, developing, and creating training plans for skill development.

This is a new development in personal skill development as earlier wasn’t considered an important element.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill for Daily Lives?

Does it a skill? for many years people never considered emotional intelligence as an important skill. A recent development suggests emotional intelligence is a skill for everybody and daily life.

Everyday life consist of various challenges physically and emotionally, therefore, we must be aware of our emotional challenges and different states of emotional feelings like fear anger happiness pleasure

Is emotional intelligence comes naturally?

Unfortunately, most people think emotional intelligence comes naturally. But this isn’t true. It takes more than experience to master emotional intelligence.

Tim explains most people consider themselves as emotional intelligence based on your feeling. Sometimes we tend to feel peer groups like and very kind respectful and nice to be sensitive to see other people’s needs as high emotional intelligence.
However, this is an incorrect measurement.

How to improve emotional intelligence

According to the team, these are some of skills and strategies you can adopt to improve your emotional intelligence skills

1- ways to improve emotional wellness?

Emotions Associated with Family and Childhood
Genetics and Environment
Habits and Responses
Here is a post on how to improve emotional wellness.

2- How Optimism can help you to deal with a difficult time

3. Finding Inner Peace, Empathy and Comfort