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Social isolation Affects Your Brain?

Pandemic made many of us stay at home. We do not visit friends and family anymore, and no one else visiting you either. This is called socia...

Pandemic made many of us stay at home. We do not visit friends and family anymore, and no one else visiting you either. This is called social isolation. You seem to hate the new normal and already burn out about the whole situation of the world around you.

This is probably the greatest social isolation on record. There aren’t many situations in our life that impact badly as Covid-19. It’s extremely challenging for many people. And, listing to social isolation instructions probably made you even more frustrated despite social isolation is the best-known alternative to pandemic given the inability to discover proper medication as at now.

There is a lot of news coming around the world indicating that people are struggling. And, whole ‘social isolation’ seems something unreal happening in a sci-fi movie.

What could be the real reason for many people find it challenging to live in Social Isolation?

You Brain Need to Socialize

Scientists suggest the answer is with our brain. As per new studies it was revealed that humans are an incredibly socially engaging species. This fact is arguably humans more social engagement than any other known species out there. Evolution of our brains connection to the socialization spectrum of different ways.  

In general, asking people to remain socially isolated is an incredibly big ask from your brain. Ironically deep inside your brain, it does not support social isolation. This is extraordinarily difficult that your brain does not support in a deeper level to commit isolation despite knowing potential consequences.

social isolation Impacts your brain
social isolation Impacts your brain

Evolution of your brain

Humans evolved around resource-hungry brains. Your brain has an extraordinary capacity of acquiring new information through socialization. This finding is on-per with the smartness and high level of intelligence of your brain.  

According to scientific theories like ecological dominance-social competition model. This model describes that our ancestors were associated with communal and corporative nature as group that ultimately drive the evolution.

This skill set was dominant in survival from ancient times. Humans have to watch out for predators and win the food competition or mates. The brain of humans born into traditional support to each other and brain hardwired for that survival skills.  Losing social isolation is probably asking your brain to stop evolution from a deeper level.

Losing Social Contact is a punishment to your brain.

In the classic movie, The Shawshank Redemption revealed how the prisoners were kept in isolation as a punishment without any meaningful contact with outside parties. This is one of the most classical representations of‘ solitary confinement’ where isolation considered punishment.

Despite isolation isnt traditional punishment technique , it sound like much of a punishment. According to  psychologists isolation deemed to be a punishment as  brain activity that’s very similar to literal hunger.

According to the study it was revealed that your brain experiences low-level pleasure even after a mere 10 hours of no social contact. And, while most social bonding associated with friendship, grooming. One of the prolific anthropologists claims that your brain needs a bit of gossiping to evolve.

It’s very clear people hate social isolation. Your brain is the reason behind that hate and all you want is go out and talking to people or go out traveling. Social engagement is a fine way to de-stress and dealing with other people to assist your brain to feel normal and keep rolling your system smoothly.

social isolation Impacts your brain