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How to manage your blood pressure with healthy lifestyle choices?

” Amelia Smith is a hair-dresser working in the southern part of the Manchester city. Recently Amelia diagnosis with symptoms of high blood ...

” Amelia Smith is a hair-dresser working in the southern part of the Manchester city. Recently Amelia diagnosis with symptoms of high blood pressure associated with mild chest pain, some dizziness, breathing difficulties, and even headaches.”

However, Amelia is in her mid-thirties enjoyed a considerably decent work-life balance. Unfortunately, her diagnosis seems unreal for many close friends. With her newfound difficulty, she is now learning to practice new habits that ultimately help her to manage hypertension or blood pressure effectively.First things first. Here is what Amelia recommends for others to adjust lifestyle to manage blood pressure.

Manage hypertension or blood pressure effectively

Manage hypertension or blood pressure effectively

1-Watch what you eat?

The risk factor associated with blood pressure also impacts other conditions. These conditions include heart disease and stroke because the main contributor to blood pressure is your obesity and family history.  Here are a couple of steps you can take to manage your diet.

Adjust Your Diet:  Include Grains | Fresh Fruits | Vegetable

Adjusting your diet carefully will be the first step in helping your body to fight against obesity. This is the same recommendation given by Amelia’s consultants. Your diet should include whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and to increase low-fat dairy foods. This will have a greater impact on your body nutrition balance.

Calculate your Intake: Use Mobile App

Amelia starts counting her calorie intake. She downloads a mobile app so she can calculate the intake and gain more control over what she takes regularly.

Reading Nutritional Labels

Another key thing practice of reading nutritional labels before purchasing the food. This is an essential step in saying no to fats. Further, speak to your expert about the foods you should remove from your diet.

2. Sodium intake: NO NO NO

You need to lower the sodium intake to tackle down the high blood pressure. Watching out taking processed and canned foods that are generally packed with sodium. Make sure you avoid adding extra salt to the daily food take. According to science salt intake may increase the amount of sodium level in the blood and impact the ability of kidneys to flush out water

3. Alcohol and Smoking

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is harmful to your health. This can further incline the risk of blood pressure. Also, smoking will add another risk factor for high blood pleasure. Reducing smoking can eliminate the risk of heart disease at bay.

4. Exercise to lower your blood pressure:

Amelia starts jogging regularly to staying physically healthy. Her new adjustment assists her to remain fit and bring a lot more energy to her daily work routines.

Per the science “Exercise at least for half-an-hour and you can opt for aerobics, swimming, cycling, running, walking, or any other activity of your choice. Moreover, you must speak to your doctor regarding the exercises that you must avoid. Obesity can lead to hypertension so you need to control your weight to bring your numbers down. Hence, you must watch your waistline”

5.Relaxation and de-stress: this is habitual practice.

Start practicing mindfulness and lean into more relaxing activities. Per studies de-stress in your day-to-day life can assist in managing blood pressure effectively.

Refocus and re-engage with activities that Introspect about the things that stress you out. You can refocus that triggers and drive you into stress.

It’s also important that you can find downtime within your busy schedule to relax. Execute activities that you like such as gardening, relaxing music, yoga, meditation, or even outdoor activities.

Important that you can find downtime within your busy schedule.
Amelia able to adjust her lifestyle effectively to manage high blood pressure. It’s very important to know that hypertension, is a common medical condition across many people and you can live without major health problems like heart disease and stroke after you adjust your habits accordingly.