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Coronavirus Open Technology Loopholes in the United States

According to the  WHO total number of confirmed  cases now reaching 6 million cases. Novel Coronavirus pandemic probably is the biggest cris...

According to the WHO total number of confirmed cases now reaching 6 million cases.

Novel Coronavirus pandemic probably is the biggest crises US ever witnessed after the world war.

Not only in US many other counties also turning technology base options to leverage options “working-from-home”, “in-person-communication” while governments impose partial and complete lockdowns.

US being world’s riches country has been backward for lot of people the way country dealing with the situation.

Security Loopholes in US

ZOOM Technology Loopholes

The video conferencing service Zoom has been widely criticized specific to privacy and security vulnerabilities.

Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, recently said  “I never thought about this seriously.” According to the CEO of the Zoom, application developed focus on facilitating businesses conference with IT departments. He further explained that “ relevant IT departments should facilitate setting up the appropriate security and password settings and Zoom never expected to deal with overwhelming demand”.

US Government Technology Limitations

New York unemployment system “Connecticut” was criticized for being painfully  older experience to online users and inside sources confirm that the back end code was written in 60-year-old Cobol.

Another example is Washington, D.C online system ask the users to log on to IE (Internet Explore) which was put out to pasture five years ago.

One of the common points here is that the virus pandemic stressing that our existing technology infrastructure just – old and new – and not able to deal with the requirements and needs of the ongoing circumstances.

We should expect to see more challenges ahead of the next few months because failure to upgrade systems, should be a serious concern all over the world.

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